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Cleaning a bathroom: toilet routine maintenance precautions
  Clean toilet, clean-up can not wait when it carried out in everyday life, but also need to constantly cleaned to keep it clean. At the same time, we can use the time to pay attention to some conservation issues, let toilet use longer, conducive to health.

1, the flush toilet cover to cover
Everyday use, when cleaning the toilet, the most overlooked point is that, when there is no flushing close the lid. Know if the lid is opened when flushing, instant cyclone within the toilet germs can be taken in other high-altitude, suspended in the air, and then fell on the walls and items, are susceptible to bacterial contamination. So everyday use the toilet, you must develop the toilet lid cover when flushing habits.

2. Do not easy to plug into the article
Not into the newspaper, paper changing mat, sanitary napkins and other items likely to cause blockages within the toilet. If you accidentally fall into the debris to the toilet, should be promptly removed.

3, the daily attention to the protection
Do not install the toilet in the sun can be directed to the place, or near a heat source or exposed to direct access to the fumes at, or likely to cause surface discoloration; at the same time, do not set a hard object, such as water cover, basin, bucket until the toilet easy to scratch the surface or cause cracking; In addition, to avoid damage and leaks, do not hit the toilet, to avoid violently hitting the cover and seat.
Blocked toilet is a family living in the more common case, not only affect the normal life, but also people in an awkward situation. Toilet blocked these things are not so big that small is not small, they can not always someone to clear, therefore, to learn some of the blocked toilet solutions for life is still very useful.

Bathroom clean II: Bathroom Toilet cleaning methods
  Now family bathroom renovation, mostly choose to install the toilet, the toilet is also known as a toilet, and Pissing relative. Toilets Pissing terms compared to the more humane, and the installation aesthetics, but because the toilet is easy to breed bacteria, direct contact with the human body, if not clean, more likely to affect the health of their families.

1, before cleaning attention to ventilation
Before cleaning the toilet, give Bathroom airy, open the bathroom window or exhaust fan. While on the toilet tank things are removed.

2, cleaning tools ready
Before cleaning, be prepared to clean tools, general tools need to use detergents, toilet, small brush, rag, gloves and, if necessary, goggles or glasses are commonly used to prevent liquid splashing into the eyes.
Cleaning Tools Selection Note: use the soft cloth to clean the toilet, disable strong acids, strong carbon and cleanser clean, do not use volatile agents, diluents, such as cleaning, otherwise it will corrode glazed. Also note Do not use a wire brush, clean blades and other sharp objects.

3, clean toilet inside wall
Pour around the inner wall of the toilet cleaner, soak a few minutes and then covered with toilet. You can clean the outside of the toilet during the start. After a few minutes, open the toilet lid, scrub with a toilet brush toilet wall, especially in the interior of each water hole toilet, we should focus on cleaning. After cleaning, press the water button again to rinse the toilet, and the toilet also borrow water rinse.

4, clean it and the peripheral ring
It is part of the circle of contact with the body, its absorption, retention of bacteria, dirt is also up, therefore, clean the toilet when they should focus on clean lap. You can wipe with a cloth coated with disinfectant, if set the washer, the washer must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. As for cleaning the toilet outside in the outside toilet, water tank, flush buttons, the toilet cleaner edges are rubbed, clean. For some not easy to clean to the health corner, you can be an old toothbrush to clean.