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National Science and Technology Support Project "near net shape and mold advanced manufacturing technology" start-up acceptance


  January 17, the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program "near net shape and mold advanced manufacturing technology" Key Project Management Office in Shenyang Foundry Research Institute launched the first issue of project acceptance, marking the "advanced near-net molding and mold manufacturing technology "key project is about to enter the acceptance phase.
  "Near net shape and mold advanced manufacturing technology" project is the Ministry of Science and in October 2006 launched the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program key projects designed to implement the Plan and national long-term plan to revitalize the equipment manufacturing spirit, breakthrough to resolve a number of manufacturing precision casting, precision plastic molding, advanced welding, precision mold manufacturing technology and related common technology, improve production efficiency, materials, energy saving targets. Through the project 15 topics in three years successful implementation in the relevant and important to the development of key technologies and equipment have made a series of major breakthroughs and fruitful results have been applied in related fields, built a number of test sites, pilot line, production line , we made a number of patents and software copyrights and other intellectual property rights and technical standards, established a number of research and development team has a long-term mechanism to enhance the important industries of aerospace, nuclear power, military, automotive and other fields of heavy technical level and manufacturing capacity.
  As a key project start-up acceptance of the first issue: "light alloy pressure and differential pressure casting technology and equipment research" by the Shenyang Foundry Research Institute and other units bear, mainly carried out under conditions of continuous production of multi-functional anti-gravity and pressure casting aluminum Continuous low pressure duplex suspension of magnesium alloy low pressure casting key technology research, the successful development of large-scale framework class aluminum alloy castings of pressure casting pilot production line and magnesium alloy continuous low pressure casting equipment and pilot production line, its technology and equipment results have been in our country aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains, cars and other fields are applied. Meanwhile on outcomes for the project undertaker become Boeing aircraft quality aluminum castings door outside the United States casting the sole supplier of sand foundation, demonstrating the strength of the casting technology, casting technology to improve the international status of our country. The topics related outcomes in the 2008 National Technology Invention, after China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, 2009 and then pick the national and Technology Progress Award.