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2010 machine tool industry focused five-step boost industrial upgrading


  In 2009, China's machine tool output value from the world's third largest in the world first. January to November, the industry completed a total industrial output value of 349.5 billion yuan, an increase of 12%; to achieve sales revenue of 331.9 billion yuan, an increase of 12.2%. In 2009, China's machine tool output value from the world's third largest in the world first. Sharp decline in the overall size of the market, a significant decline in the world's major producer of machine tools in the situation of economic indicators, we have achieved is not easy.

  In response to the international financial crisis this year, the industry is running there are some new features: First, the enterprise product structure adjustment made great progress. From the industry perspective, low-end product less, high-grade, special products and more. Second, innovation and remarkable achievements. Developed a number of high-speed, precision, complex, multi-axis CNC machine tools, as well as a number of large size, large tonnage CNC machine tools of new products, especially the rapid development of heavy metal cutting machine tools. Third, the rapid growth of fixed asset investment. January to November 2009 fixed asset investment grew 35.8 percent year on year, a number of major technological transformation projects have been completed and have played a role, especially heavy-duty machine tool production capacity has been greatly improved. Fourth, the business began to change the way. As greatly improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, supply chain further optimized for the user to further strengthening of technical services.

We also found that, at the same time appear more positive change within the industry some deep-seated contradictions become more prominent. For example, the industry's leading products are incompatible with the needs of national economic development, industry overcapacity and low-grade products lack of capacity of high-end products, domestic high-performance features and a host of supporting the development of disorders, but more research planned results ineffective and other industrial applications . Thus, in 2010, the industry must strategically focused, clear the main direction, and further speed up structural adjustment and transformation of development mode, to create the conditions and environment for the healthy and sustainable development.

First, to further accelerate the adjustment of product structure tools. Low compression, ordinary products; elimination of backwardness, pollution, high energy-consuming products; the development of the technological content and high added value products economy; by providing a line of complete sets of equipment to a single direction development.

  Second, to further improve the industrial chain. Intensify policy support, to break the bottleneck of CNC machine tool industry development, develop numerical control systems and features to improve the control system, the proportion of features in the industry; and encourage the development of CNC tool, complex tools, precision measuring instruments, high-grade abrasive and superhard materials and products.

Third, the implementation of the corporate restructuring. Play a key enterprise-volume manufacturing capability   advantages, encourage universal host manufacturer moderate concentration of production; support for the "special, unique, fine," CNC machine tool manufacturers; expand functional parts manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing technology and services enterprise scale; to encourage enterprise asset optimization and reorganization, promote corporate structural changes to the "big and strong", "small and specialized" direction; development of lean management and agile manufacturing.

  Fourth, improve the manufacturing process of specialized production levels. Improved production organization, the rational allocation of resources, integration within the region casting, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment of four basic technological capacity, building specialized production centers; the promotion of advanced manufacturing technologies and cleaner production methods, improve material utilization and production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

  Fifth, the adjustment of industry structure of import and export trade. Constantly raise the threshold of imported equipment and technology, and strive to improve the quality of export products, determined to reduce the high energy consumption, high pollution and resource exports, increase the proportion of high-end CNC exports, efforts to expand technology service exports, and continuously improve the export industry benefits.

We will promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation as a strategic measure, the transformation as an important means to improve the level of industrialization, the development of manufacturing technology and services as an important direction to cultivate new growth points, to promote independent innovation, and actively guide the industry key enterprises play a leading role in the development of technological progress, industry.

  2010 is the last year, a crucial year for the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" implementation, but also a year full of hope. Our industry will be at the center on economic work in 2010 under the guidance of the principle, hard work, innovation, for the machine tool industry to speed up structural adjustment, change the mode of development and make new contributions.