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Toilet should be how to choose?


  With the improvement of quality of life, choose one that suits your needs the toilet has become a complex matter. How to buy toilet, toilet What makes a good thing has become people's concern. Next, Groundhog Xiaobian explain in detail how to buy the toilet, what makes a good toilet.

How to buy toilet
First, see if sub toilet, if water conservation.
Second, look glazed gloss, gloss good, good quality.
Third, look at the cover open, see if it is built flush accessories manufacturers of brand-name product, which is very important, from the outside can know.
Fourth, is whether the use of secondary siphon technology, so washing was clean, with a test table tennis, the national standards can once rushed down 4--5 months, good quality toilet can be washed down 8-9, We use in Nantong, Foshan, Guangdong Love of the production company Ji US Sanitary Ware was tested, can once rushed down nine, and all out.
Fifth, to see whether you are using a molding technique, see the back of the toilet cover flat position if there is a line item hoop, yes it is not a molding, the price should drop a grade, not that a molding technology.
Sixth, look at the appearance, choose their appearance and function models they need, if any, have the mother lid, convenient to use a child, the child can change after the big cap; some walls and drainage, and some drained; some use for fat, some are suitable for public use.
Seven is a good amount of pitch, pitch selection for their own use, otherwise, even if you can exchange, return down the stairs still a lot of troubles. Sewage pitch min 300 mm and 400 mm in two, if it is 350 mm, 300 mm on the election.
Eight, is on a good price. Toilets currently divided both domestic and imported, the price gap is large, high-grade imported TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, musician, and a like, the number of domestic Foshan two brand Wrigley sanitary ware and Jigme great reputation, the strongest, the price is quite suitable for use in high-end home decoration, both in Yancheng ceramics market have distribution outlets, special varieties can be found in the album, also can be customized. In addition, domestic Faenza ware, sanitary ware emperor well and moderate price because advertising fame louder. Some brand-name manufacturers also produce tile ware, brand visibility, although high (that was the tile), but mostly small factory OEM, unprofessional, or less choice as well. Guangdong Foshan tiles or sanitary ware products, whether big is good. The Chaozhou generally produce low-end goods. In addition, only two Chinese sanitary ware brand, one dimensional, one Widex.
Nine, to look after-sales service, which is also very important.