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There are several types toilet?


  For the toilet, it can be said to be a good human invention, it has brought to the family's life great convenience, we use the toilet when ever considered what this principle toilet is it? The toilet has become one of the family the necessary sanitary products, toilet block diagram of one of the topics he became more interested in people.

  For toilet on the market, one is old-fashioned toilet, there is a new type of toilet, the old toilet structure is relatively simple, there is a major component of the inlet pipe, seepage pipes, outlet pipe, water plug (water and water), turn on the water knob, float, lever. When the old toilet drain, drain knob by pulling the lever principle the water from the Sierra. Such water will automatically release the old toilet tank. After the release of the effluent water plugs will fall, blocking the outlet. Draw

  The new structure is a toilet in the old improved on the basis of the new structure is opposed to the traditional, more complex, and the function has been greatly changed, for example, one can prevent splashing water flush toilet, a double layer Bottom water bucket and toilet two parts. In this structure, the key is to design the splash layer, can effectively change the water level, so that is not easy to pick a convenient time to spray. This design, simple structure, low cost, in many products have been applied.

  In fact, whether under the new or the old toilet block diagram of a toilet bowl, are more or less there are some problems, so that, for the toilet, it still has much room for improvement, one of which is how to ensure the flushing effect of the case , the largest water conservation seem, there is mute on how to do, how to increase the functionality of the toilet. The above is a basic introduction to the toilet on the structure diagram, I believe in the understanding of the contents of the above after using the toilet for the family will be more experienced.