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Countries for the aircraft heavy machine precision casting project funding


  Recently, the aircraft heavy machine Company received a joint notification NDRC, the Ministry of Industry, the central investment arrangements under the 2009 program, to support the revitalization of key industrial restructuring and technological innovation, the company under AVIC Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. of high-strength precision hydraulic castings construction projects have been listed as key industry revitalization and transformation in 2009, one of the new central government investment budget, the state will provide financial support for the project from the central budget. The total investment of 234.41 million yuan. Aircraft heavy machine is now required to pay close attention to do the preparatory work construction, speed up the construction progress to ensure project quality and safety. The project uses the company's research and development in aviation hydraulic parts production technology, extend the industrial chain, add 2 molding production lines, automatic casting production lines and corresponding equipment. Project investment, construction investment of 190.85 million yuan, 43.56 million yuan initial working capital. Funding consists of three parts, including: 9.72 million yuan central budget for investment, 90 million yuan of bank loans, 134.69 million yuan raised by the enterprise. The project will become the largest R & D base of domestic hydraulic castings.