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Tradition and information processing industry to seek a breakthrough combination of hardware


  In the hardware business is facing multiple pressures of large enterprises at home and abroad, and some put on the spot, while others find a breakthrough by information technology. Ultimately, only reduce costs, improve production efficiency in order to improve competitiveness, and that a lot of time to rely on the enterprise smooth and clear flow of information. Jiang Su Maofeng metal processing plant Zhang Zhongwei, head of a profound understanding of this point, through the transformation of information in a short time to reverse the unfavorable situation of enterprises.
  Most Chinese metal processing enterprises also belong to small businesses, the development of many headwinds - rising raw material, plant rents, electricity rose ...... skilled workers may also be poached large enterprises, and therefore have to redouble security workers interests. One to two to go, did not go up the competitiveness of enterprises, lack of development potential, the more difficult with the big hardware companies compete.
  These are practical problems faced by Zhang Zhongwei, now hardware business has come to the low-profit era, how to increase profits in this case? Say that increase productivity, cost savings Everyone knows that, but the "how" to achieve a core issue. That is to say, what a way to save costs? Where the cost savings? and so on. Zhang Zhongwei believes the information in the hardware business is the trend, is the enterprises to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency needs. The successful implementation of enterprise information can be protected enterprises in the fierce market competition often get ahead of others.
Analysis of Competitiveness Factors
  Zhang Zhongwei introduced a mature metal processing enterprise sector more relatively major sector of mold and manufacturing department, as well as other post-support department, sales department and management departments, and so on. Why mold portion and the manufacturing department is the key sectors? Because the technical content of these two departments is the highest in the enterprise, is also the highest occupancy costs. Zhang Zhongwei said that in his enterprise, mold and production costs accounted for more than 70% of the cost of a product. Therefore, these two sectors can bring to enhance product quality improvement, with high-quality products in order to have long-term customers.
  In his view, such a sector, to enhance competitiveness depends on continued investment, rather than compression procurement costs or lower wages. Moreover, in such a technology-intensive sector workers are working experience and technology, they are the backbone of enterprise technology, targeting them is not necessary.
  For other sectors, it can enhance competitiveness by other means. For example, if the sales department can increase turnover through new incentives? After the smooth management of information between departments through, can enhance business responsiveness? You can shorten new product development cycle to reduce R & D costs? and so on.
  "The new product development cycle is the key to a cost, the shorter the period, the stronger it shows the company's strength," said Zhang Zhongwei, "hardware business orders uncertain size, few mass-produced, often changing the mold will waste a lot of time Customers love and strength of the factory cooperation, which is the rule, so the shorter development cycle more customers rest assured that we can quickly make money. "But he also acknowledged that the new product development and sample production cycle is not made one or two department can decide, which is the result of a multi-sectoral coordination, mutual cooperation is very important, which requires smooth information flow. "From the sales orders, to demonstrate the technology sector, the design department to the drawings, the Department of mold do die, the manufacturing department trial, post-processing and assembly, Customer Service Department to pay customers to confirm ...... is a very complicated process, any one department Mr. Liu the cost is wasted, this phenomenon should be avoided, "Zhang Zhongwei to have a deep understanding of business operations.
  His own business was the problem encountered outlines several out: mold cycle, product quality, sector to work together and so on.
  Combining traditional and informatization
  Zhang Zhongwei that it was necessary to start from a few key points, traditional solutions and information technology solutions combined, it may get better.
  Mold determines the quality of products, mold development cycle also determines how much cost. If the mold once the trial is successful, you can reduce a lot of the cost of waste, companies need to introduce new technology to improve this problem. Now the basic hardware is manufactured by way of casting molds made with cold punch, so Zhang Zhongwei use software to analyze the reasonableness of the mold design, the design defects found before the mold manufacturing, and help fix deficiencies through the software to try to achieve a successful tryout . Now Maofeng Hardware Factory mold problem basically solved, these costs reduced by more than 40%.
  The product quality control Maofeng still using more traditional methods mature, and through the introduction of new technology and quality control means to ensure a guaranteed yield. According to Zhang Zhongwei experience, as long as the mold excellent flow control strictly, the yield can be basically controlled. In comparison, product quality control with lower costs not directly related, but the quality of the products also can provide a strong competitive edge.
  Sector to work together is one of the difficulties hardware business management. Hardware production efficiency and its departments will coordinate closely related to the surface, the sector to work together is not good business management, in fact, fundamentally poor information flow throughout the manufacturing system problems, thus bringing the order processing speed slow, long production processes, material utilization is low, warehouse management confusion and other similar problems. ERP system after the trial, Zhang Zhongwei think this is the solution to the problem of corporate internal friction good way.
  Although SMEs can not afford too expensive ERP system, but there are also many small companies to develop into an ERP platform, Zhang Zhongwei is the use of this inexpensive system. He said that this ERP system actually is, some of the original and the new business models implemented in a transparent information platform for real-time interaction and communication process. You can view the platform at any time management operation, because all the processes on the platform can be used tree structure presentation - completion support, delivery superior process, the implementation of the present stage process, the lower step of readiness ... ... clear, clear hierarchy. This tree pattern coincidence in the hardware business, "low-volume multi-batch" production characteristics, process orders on this platform not only can greatly improve production efficiency, but also to fully streamline the flow of information from producer.
  Profit from the innovative
  Zhang Zhongwei enterprise information transformation effect is very satisfactory, he said, through information technology, the cost of the factory's down a lot, but also enhance customer satisfaction, the second half of 2009 is 1.5 times the business's revenue in the first half, he I believe that in 2010 will see results.
  For the current international situation, Zhang Zhongwei, the domestic metal processing industry is bound to be affected, the traditional mode of operation in order to meet the market needs, the need for innovation. Innovation can be many, for example, means of information management of production, quality control of the traditional way to rationalize the flow of information between departments. He said the intensified competition in the market, when, especially in the larger environment is not clear when the innovation capability of enterprises is bound to become the most important part of the competitiveness of enterprises, and the information platform will bring more competitive.