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Home coup minute of leaking toilet solve problems


  I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, the toilet used for some time when I would go there will be leakage phenomenon, leaking toilet is actually a very unusual small problem, but because the process from the very troublesome, will bring We are not a small effect, but also very environmentally friendly. So leaking toilet in our how should we do it?

Toilet leak causes:
1, Material poor: local manufacturers blindly reduce consumer costs, poor selection of materials forming the inlet valve outlet and inlet tube itself cracking when the injection itself, lead to seal failure, water in the tank through the drain valve overflow pipe into the toilet, causing leakage;
2, the tank internal parts of aging;
3, toilets and water pipes under the junction leakage;
4, the toilet itself cracks;
5, toilet water or water group group in question;
6, the toilet tank leaks.

Leaking toilet how to do:
  A common cause leaking toilet discharge port is due to the closure of a hemispherical rubber cap lighter, after draining the tank due to gravity is not enough, tight enough when dropping and leakage are often to be repeated several times to Gaiyan. The solution is bundled with rubber cap on the connecting rod a little heavy, such as a large nut, toothpaste, etc., attention bindings to try to close the rubber cover, so that the rubber cover is relatively easy reclosable discharge port leakage problem is solved .
  Second, if it is leaking toilet cisterns, then start from the drain valve, if the water tank can be on the full, with overflow hole overflow so that the valve is broken, if the dissatisfaction with water, and then flow down the drain hole is drain valve is broken, there's a problem on the exchange side.
  Third, if the home is at the bottom of the toilet leaks, under most circumstances is the installation, the installation is not installed in accordance with strict requirements, it may lead to leaking toilet, the only way to solve this open toilet reinstalled.
  Fourth, if the tank is leaking, you can put into the water movement won, clean up the scale, if that does not work you need to change the toilet. Qualified families should be replaced by water-saving sanitary appliances, we suggest that you use water-saving devices or appliances, sanitary ware, faucets use ceramic chip sealed, out of the spiral lift iron faucet, transforming more than nine liters of toilet water tanks, use of greater than 6 liters of toilet tank. The use of existing non-water-saving toilet, try using a brick placed in the tank or a saline bottle way to reduce flushing water.