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Side row toilet installation steps to resolve the toilet installation


  Toilets are common in our lives ware, installed on the toilet also need to go through various calculations and predictions. General Installation Before installing the master will first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the sewage pipes to see if there is sediment in the pipe, paper and other debris clogged the toilet while checking around about whether the mounting position of the ground level, if found uneven ground, should be installed in toilet The ground leveling. Here we just talk about the next step side exhaust toilet installation, toilet installation to solve your problem.
1, the drain installation work requires smooth handling, toilet bottom outlet dedicated to the installation of the toilet flange, or coated glass, plastic and drain counterparts uniform, toilet bottom, surrounded by a plastic, toilet and wall space uniform, placed correct and smooth.
2, after the toilet in place requires no water leakage, the water level is correct, scouring smooth, flexible switch, cover securely.
3. Today, the toilet installation is generally not install anchor bolts, but use glass glue plugging holes for good on the toilet, turn prevent flavor.
4. To install anchor bolts, first with a special sealant toilet installed in the periphery of the toilet base drain outlet 2CM evenly, toilet drain should be facing drains central location, good painting Location toilet left and right side of the expansion bolt, take open toilet, drilling, underground expansion bolt, to note that this new expansion bolt embedded punched hole, it is possible to break the waterproof layer, it is recommended embedded expansion screws at the same time, filling in the hole around the sealing glue, then buried expansion bolt, first tighten the expansion bolt, expansion bolt allow full liberalization, strengthening its tension, then catchy screws out, put away the toilet then direct screwing, cap, holding at overall appearance.
5, in the toilet with the ground surface at the intersection of the periphery, because the toilet and the surface is not one, you can use grouts transparent sealant is stirred sealed toilet mouth, let it maintain the integrity of the ground surface , you can put the local toilet water toilet block at the periphery.
6, after the toilet installation should only turn on the water until after use glass, plastic (putty) or cement mortar curing, curing time is usually 24 hours.
7, installation or commissioning tank fittings. First check the water pipes, drainage pipes rinse 3-5 minutes in order to ensure clean water pipe, and then install the angle valve and connecting hoses, and hose fittings and installation of the tank through the water inlet valve connection and press to check the water inlet valve and seal properly, check the drain valve installation location is flexible with or without jamming and leakage, check valve leak packed filter.