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Tips and clear the toilet toilet clogged easily solve the problem


  Toilet blocked how to do, this is a very very depressing problem, but this problem has often occur in our daily life, to our daily life caused great inconvenience, especially when we have no way to promptly resort professional dredge company time. But do not worry, as soon as you introduce common toilet problems and clear the toilet clogging tips to help you easily solve the problem of clogged toilet.

Toilet is clogged with how hard to do?
  In the hardware store to buy a leather hides child probably need to spend hundreds of dollars on it, the first leather hides child hides the dirt down, turn on the water side while surmise that the toilet there is only water, then dry with a towel, dip the water, Get a small territory child, it is best that a small mirror on makeup, a flashlight, a small mirror placed in the toilet of the bottom, adjust the angle of the light source and the mirror can see part of the interior of the pipe, usually small things get stuck In the innermost pipe bend down to place, looking for a more appropriate wire, good luck on your point, then this card on the toilet noise sub-eyes small things to solve. The probability of large objects in the card root here around 30 percent, if not careful, hard object will be stuck in a bend in the following, this is the case, you should spend a. Please professions now!